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January 2015
22–23rd         /          27–28th
Mountain View

Presentation Slides

GWT Compiler Deep Dive (Inside the compiler)

Roberto Lublinerman / Google

Keynote: GWT 3

Ray Cromwell / Google

Deep dive in JS Interop

Ray Cromwell / Google

Polymer and Elements (Sample code)

Taylor Savage / Google

Java EE with Vaadin

Peter Lehto / Vaadin

Visual designer

Marc Englund / Vaadin

Rich HTML5 Web Apps: Introduction to Errai 3

Christian Sadilek / Red Hat

Introduction to GXT

David Chandler / Sencha

Cell Widgets in the Wild (Sample code)

Chris DiGiano / Google

CSS3 and GWT in perfect harmony

Julien Dramaix / Arcbees

Comparing GWT Transport Mechanisms

Leif Åstrand / Vaadin

Building HTML5 Animation Editor in GWT

Dmitry Skavish / Animatron

Vaadin with Polymer, GWT and AngularJS

Joonas Lehtinen & Leif Åstrand / Vaadin

History of GWT

Bruce Johnson & Joel Webber / FullStory

What's New with Super Dev Mode

Brian Slesinsky / Google

Service Workers: Offline and Beyond

Alex Russell / Google

How to improve your productivity using GWTP

Christian Goudreau / Arcbees

Workshop: Contributing to GWT

Manolo Carrasco Moñino / Vaadin and Julien Dramaix / Arcbees

Speed up your GWT coding with gQuery

Manolo Carrasco Moñino / Vaadin

GWT Programming With Xtend

Sven Efftinge and Anton Kosyakov / Itemis

Introduction to Vaadin

Henri Muurimaa / Vaadin

Automated testing of web apps

Jonatan Kronqvist / Vaadin

DIY: computer vision with GWT

Francesca Tosi and Alberto Mancini / Jooink

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