GWT.create <US/EU>

January 2015
22–23rd         /          27–28th
Mountain View


Why should I participate?

If you spend your days creating web applications with GWT, Vaadin, GXT, Errai or some other framework in the GWT ecosystem, there is no better place to meet people behind these technologies, learn where they are going and how to bring your application to the next level with everything happening around these technologies.

Is the conference really arranged BOTH in the US and EU?

Yes. We are that crazy.

May I speak at the event?

Glad you asked, you are very welcome to submit a presentation proposal. Deadline is May 25.

Can I participate both?

Sure, but be aware that the program will be mostly the same. If you are really that crazy, you can attend the EU event for free with the ticket for the US event.

Our company loves GWT, could we contribute?

Sure, would you like to sponsor the event? Please contact Fredrik Rönnlund. Please, also spread the word to help make this event a blazing success. It really matters for the GWT community.

How could I spread the word about the conference?

Convince your friends to join you at the conference, link to from your local JUG/GDG/ETC, tweet, blog, spam your company staff list, ... and don't forget to sign up yourself! ;)

Why should I spread the word?

You love GWT (or Vaadin or GXT or Errai or ...), so why not get everyone else inspired about these technologies as well? The more people get excited about these, the more contributions there will be and the better your next project is going to go with all those wonderful features/plugins/add-ons available.

Who is using GWT?

It is free and open source, so no-one really knows exactly. For the most up to date statistics on this, see The Future of GWT study.

Where GWT is going?

To GWT.create conference, of course ;) If you want to hear the latest news about the roadmap, take a look at GWT.create 2013 Keynote by Ray Cromwell from Google. To hear the latest updates, join the conference and speak with everyone involved.

Who is behind GWT nowadays?

It is an open source project lead by a steering committee including Google, Vaadin, RedHat, Sencha, Arcbees and others. The actual heroes are the committers – including you.

How technical will the conference be. Will there be a chance to get my hands dirty with coding?

Technical. This is solely for developers. This event will be all about GWT and closely related technologies. With this focus the content will go much deeper than just introductions you would see in other conferences. There will be many deep dive sessions that will teach you something you did not know. That said, there are also introductory sessions for developers who are still learning the basics of these technologies.

The conference includes workshops. While the workshop topics are still open, there will at least be a workshop on contributing your fixes and features to the framework directly. So yes, it will be very in-depth. Whether you'll get your hands dirty is completely up to you - and how dirty code you'll write ;)

How do I pay for the event?

Payment can be done through credit card or invoice. All invoicing is handled through Amiando.

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