GWT.create <US/EU>

January 2015
22–23rd         /          27–28th
Mountain View

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Accessible web applications

Michael Vogt / Vaadin

CSS Is Awesome (best viewed with Chrome)

Jouni Koivuviita / Vaadin

CollIDE (Collaborative IDE) [To be added shortly]

James Nelson / Appian Corporation

Comparing GWT Transport Mechanisms

Leif Åstrand / Vaadin

Compiler Deep Dive [To be added shortly]

Ray Cromwell / Google

Easing Offline web applications development with GWT

Arnaud Tournier / LTE Consulting

Ecosystem Keynote
  • Intro
  • The Future of GWT Report 2013
  • Joonas Lehtinen, Artur Signell and Fredrik Rönnlund / Vaadin
    Colin Alworth / Sencha
    Christian Sadilek, Erik Jan de Wit and Jonathan Fuerth / Red Hat

    GQuery, the perfect companion for your GWT project

    Julien Dramaix / ArcBees
    Manuel Carrasco Moñino /

    MGWT & Phonegap, the next step

    Daniel Kurka / Google

    GWT Keynote

    Ray Cromwell / Google

    GWT Widgets 101

    Steffen Schäfer / Orientation in Objects
    Papick G. Taboada / PGT Technology Scouting

    Introduction to GXT

    Colin Alworth / Sencha

    Introduction to Vaadin

    Joonas Lehtinen / Vaadin

    Magnolia CMS and Vaadin Integration: A Hot Fusion

    Aleksandr Pchelintcev & Espen Jervidalo / Magnolia International

    Making mobile fly

    Philip Rogers / Google

    New Tools for Debugging GWT Apps

    Brian Slesinsky / Google

    RIA security based on OWASP Top 10

    Leif Åstrand & Kim Leppänen / Vaadin

    Rich HTML5 Web Apps: Typesafe Edition (EU slides)

    Christian Sadilek, Erik Jan de Wit & Jonathan Fuerth / Red Hat

    Tabular Data using Cell-based Widgets

    Rogelio Flores / Verifi Concrete

    Testing GWT Apps

    Erik Kuefler / Google

    The GWT Java to JavaScript compiler: present and future

    Roberto Lublinerman / Google
    John Stalcup / Google

    The GWT open source project
    CSS3 meets GWT with GSS

    Matthew Dempsky / Google
    Daniel Kurka / Google
    Julien Dramaix / ArcBees

    Workshop: Building server-side UI with Vaadin [To be added shortly]

    Kim Leppänen / Vaadin

    Workshop: GXT Hands-on [To be added shortly]

    Tony Stuart / Sencha

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